Bondlink In-house Sunbed

Bondlink are proud to announce our new top of the range sunbed is now instore and ready for use!

See our pricing structure below:

6 minutes = 4.00
9 minutes = 4.00
12 minutes = 4.00
15 minutes = 7.00
60.00 = 30days 1 sunbed per day
25.00 = 7 days tanning, 1 sunbed a day for 12 minutes

Thats correct just 4.00 for all minutes, this has to be limited to 12 minutes per session as the bed is soooo hot

Get a tan whilst you shop!!!!!

Over 18 years old only

Bondlink sunbed is top of the range, our sunbed has its very own room, this means you can get changed in a much larger space than normal cramped sunbeds.
We have parking available and look forward to seeing you at our top of the range sunbed.

For more information please call 01442 211383