CRAZY ANGEL Midnight Kiss Tanning Lotion 8% 1 Litre

£29.99 Plus VAT

Calling All Lost Angels! Crazy Angel is a fabulous collection of professional tanning products designed to create a flawless, luxurious and long lasting tan whilst nourishing your clients’ skin. The formula applies effortlessly onto the skin and dries quickly, with the colour guide leaving an instant bronze glow. Infused with Bearberry, the alcohol free solution moisturises and hydrates to leave skin silky smooth. Has a lush fresh fragrance combined with naturally derived DHA and Erythrulose provide a gorgeous, deep and long lasting tan. This Crazy Angel Midnight Kiss Tanning Lotion is perfect for home or retail use, with 8% DHA, it creates a luxuriously deep gorgeous olive colour û excellent for angels who want a darker tan.

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