Gellux 15ml Gel Polish (all colours)

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Gellux is the new hybrid between traditional and gel polishes, curing in just 30 seconds with an LED lamp there is less risk of shrinkage, flooding or knocks. This hardwearing polish resists scratches and fading for up to 15 days, simply brush on and cure for glossy, long lasting manicured nails. UV and LED compatible.

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Gellux – African Violet (pearlised), Gellux – Asteroid (3D Glitter), Gellux – Bare Necessities, Gellux – Black Onyx, Gellux – Black Tulip, Gellux – Bubblegum Pink, Gellux – Butterfly Blue, Gellux – Cherry Blossom, Gellux – Choco-Latte, Gellux – Desert Red, Gellux – Devil Red, Gellux – Flaming Purple, Gellux – Gold Rush (glitter), Gellux – Magenta Rocks, Gellux – Magenta Sparkles (glitter), Gellux – Maraschino Cherry, Gellux – Mermaid, Gellux – Meteorite, Gellux – Moody Blue, Gellux – Ocean Coral, Gellux – Orange Fever, Gellux – Pink Champagne, Gellux – Pink Whispers, Gellux – Purely White, Gellux – Rain Forest, Gellux – Red Hot Crimson, Gellux – Silver Crystal (glitter), Gellux – Silver Lining, Gellux – Slate Grey, Gellux – Summer Sorbet, Gellux – Vampire Blood (pearlised), Gellux – Wild Mink, Gellux – Glitz, Gellux – Glam, Gellux – Let's Party, Gellux – All That Glitters, Gellux – Love The Look, Gellux – Invite Only, Gellux – Best Dressed, Gellux – Killer Heels, Gellux – BlueShimmer/Ice Shimmer, Gellux – Blue/White, Gellux – Cherry/Chilli, Gellux – Plum/Orange, Gellux – Grape/Turquoise