Zalon Pro London Colour Remover Salon Size (5 Applications)

£39.50 Plus VAT

The quick, easy and healthy way to remove colour from the hair.

  • Ammonia and bleach free.
  • Contains argan oil: Adding shine and conditioning the hair.
  • Allows the stylist to start from a blank canvas: making a colour change simple
  • Zalon removes synthetic colour molecules by reversing the oxidation process, shrinking the colour molecules and allowing them to be rinsed away. This leaves the lightest previous natural shade of pigment.
  • Ammonia and bleach free, results in less, if any, damage to the hair than other processes and creates added condition and shine through the argan oil



How does ZALON work?

ZALON works by reversing the oxidation process. The artificial colour molecules in your cuticle are

trapped and cannot release because they have expanded and become too large to leave. ZALON

shrinks the artificial colour molecules and washes them from your hair revealing your lightest previous

shade. The shade revealed may be lighter than your natural colour as bleach and ammonia from previous

colourants may have lightened your natural pigment.

Who is ZALON suitable for?

Anyone that has coloured their hair with an oxidised colour. ZALON will remove all colour irrespective

of how long you have coloured your hair. There are certain conditions however, such as silicone damage that

could trap the colour molecules. This will prevent ZALON from penetrating the colour molecules.

Why should I use ZALON?

Use ZALON to change your colour safely and gently. In 60 minutes you can be the colour you want to be!

When should I use ZALON?

When you want to change your colour. When you want to detox your hair, ZALON will remove residue from

shampoos, conditioners and styling products as well as pollution. ZALON will remove build-up often found after

months or years of colouring your hair.

Why is ZALON better to use than bleach stripping?

Bleach is a harsh chemical that will dry and damage your hair stripping your natural pigment. ZALON

simply removes your colour without stress or damage to your hair and scalp.

Does ZALON remove all Colourants?

ZALON is very effective at removing all Home and Salon oxidised permanent dye colours. It does not remove

non-oxidised colours for example: Semi, temporary or natural plant colours. Typical examples include: Henna,

Staining Fashion Colours such as Green, Blue, and Purple etc. XXL type colours can also be unpredictable.

Bleach cannot be removed as this is not a colour it has lightened the hair’s natural pigments. If you are

uncertain which type of products you have used in the past we recommend you carry out a simple Strand Test

for a preview of the result ZALON will achieve on your hair.

Can anyone use ZALON ?

We do not recommend you use ZALON If you have damaged/breaking hair/hair loss or if you have a high

percentage of bleached hair.

Will ZALON damage or dry my hair?

No. ZALON will remove all colours and reveal the real and natural condition of your hair. ZALON is a

gentle chemical process designed to be used with all scalp and hair conditions.

Why do I have to rinse for so long?

ZALON Activator and Remover will shrink the colour molecules but if you do not rinse thoroughly they will reexpand

and re-oxidise causing your hair to darken again.

Can I do a partial removal?

Yes, although it is not adviseable. Instead of 60 minutes check the removal results in good lighting/daylight

every 10 minutes until you achieve the desired result. There is a risk of reoxidation with this method as colour

molecules will remain in the hair.

How many times can I use ZALON?

You can use ZALON as much as you wish within reason. ZALON is not a harsh chemical process and will not

damage your hair but colourants often contain bleach and ammonia, therefore you should limit the use of this

product. It is always good to rest your hair and scalp after any chemical process so we would suggest you allow

time between colours and removals.

Can I colour my hair immediately after using ZALON?

Yes but read answer above on ‘How many times can I use ZALON?’

Can I use ZALON when pregnant?

Yes. However, we advise you consult your doctor to be absolutely sure it is not going to react to you personally.

It is always critical you conduct a Patch Test for any allergic reactions particularly when you are pregnant.

How do I know what my hair will look like after ZALON?

We recommend all customers undertake a Strand Test to show the results ZALON will reveal.

I have long hair will I need more than one box?

As a guide we suggest hair longer than shoulder length will require two packs.

I have questions that are not answered here what do I do?

Go to and visit the FAQ’s. If you are still dissatisfied complete a customer response email and

our team will answer your individual question.

Is ZALON safe?

ZALON is completely safe and covered by the cosmetic european regulations. It is also endorsed by one of the

UK’s leading Trichologists Mandy Baldwin who uses it on her patients at Mandy Baldwin Hair Clinic where

customers suffer hair and scalp conditions.

Why can’t I see the colour when rinsing?

ZALON shrinks the artificial colour molecule so small that it is not visible but you must complete the

rinsing process fully as instructed to avoid your hair reoxidising.

Is it necessary to always complete a Patch Test?

It is not only necessary it is critical that you conduct the patch test every time, even if you are a frequent user of

ZALON. Your body dynamics change constantly so please be sure to test every